Framed Kete Triple - Baskets of Knowledge

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These are truly outstanding. (The photos do not do them justice). Three delicately hand crafted clay kete, each adorned with feathers and beautifully framed. They are not only truly stunning, but also can be seen to represent represent the 'Baskets of Knowldge' legend, in which the Maori god Tane climbed to heaven and retreived three baskets of knowledge. The traditional flax 'kete' was a food gathering basket, and is also a Maori symbol representing a container of knowledge and wisdom. 

These are exquisite gifts perfect for personal or corporate gifting.  Each is unique, as the feathers used vary from piece to piece, and each clay kete is handmade.

Made from: Framed  oven fired clay  kete decorated  with feathers
Corporate Gifts: Other sizes and frame colours available available please contact us
Size: 23 x 50cm (9 x 20 inches)
Made in New Zealand