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Pounamu Hei Matau or Maui's Hook Pendant

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Hei Matau Greenstone Maori Carvings

Hei Matau are beautiful pounamu (greenstone) Maori carvings of maori hooks, and are special symbolic piece of jewellery. Maori hooks are one of the most popular maori symbols seen maori carvings, and are sometimes called "Maui's hooks, in reference to the legend of Maui hooking up New Zealand. Hei Matau signify the importance of both fishing and Tangaroa (the Sea God) to traditional Maori, and have also been said to symbolise prosperity. FREE gorgeous gift wrapping and shipped worldwide from our online store
Made From: Hand carved NZ greenstone on a waxed cord
Size: 50mm
Made in New Zealand

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